Optanix Appoints Edmond Baydian as CSO

NEW YORK, NY. September 19, 2017 – Optanix, the leader in ensuring predictable IT for the world’s most technology-driven companies, today announced it has appointed Edmond Baydian as chief strategy officer (CSO). Baydian has over 20 years of IT industry experience and has contributed to several patents throughout his career. In his role as CSO, he is responsible for developing and sustaining the strategic roadmap for Optanix products and platform. Baydian reports to Mike Crest, CEO of Optanix, also announced today. Baydian’s appointment, combined with Crest’s as CEO, are two significant milestones in Optanix’s strategy to advance the IT Service Predictability market.

“Optanix continues to build a world-class organization and I am very pleased to have someone of Edmond Baydian’s caliber joining our team,” said Crest. “In the newly formed position of chief strategy officer, Edmond will set a strategic and innovative vision for the Optanix Platform and its complementary service offerings.”

Prior to joining Optanix, Baydian was at Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES), where he held various roles devising and supporting services delivery to enterprise-class clientele. In his most recent role at VES, he served as director for strategy and service enablement and defined operational standards and system selection for new service offerings. Previously, Baydian also held leadership and product roles for several industry-leading network management providers and systems management vendors including Nectar, SMARTs and Micromuse.

Additionally, Baydian has contributed to patents in remote systems management strategies, data replication and load balancing, and distributed system command and control structures. He holds a B.S. in Economics from Queens College.

About Optanix

Optanix is leading the advancement of IT service predictability in today’s hyperconnected digital economy – where reliable service delivery has never been more vital. Hundreds of customers rely on the Optanix Platform and Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) to enable unbeatable service availability that leads to positive business outcomes. Optanix solutions are delivered direct or through industry-leading channel partners who rely on Optanix’s extensive IT automation experience.

About the Optanix Platform

The Optanix Platform is the only comprehensive, integrated solution designed to handle all aspects of managing IT environments. It uses patented automation and correlation processes to pinpoint the actionable root cause and business impact of service issues while reducing event noise by a factor of more than 1,000,000 to one. And by automatically routing only true root cause incidents to the appropriate support team in just seconds, the platform reduces incident remediation times by 50% and helps support teams respond proactively 95% of the time.

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