Fortify the performance of your IT infrastructure

With the advent of cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and new application architectures, IT infrastructures are rapidly becoming more distributed and more complex – driving new dependencies and service delivery risks.

The Optanix Platform is designed to help businesses maintain service availability, ensure Quality of Service and improve operational efficiencies for large, complex, mixed-vendor environments. This offering delivers a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for both physical and virtual compute, storage and networking environments from vendors including Cisco, Juniper, Dell, VMware and Check Point. Additionally, the Optanix services portfolio provides integrated IT infrastructure management and ITIL-aligned support for these vendors’ technologies.

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Advanced features

The Optanix Platform includes a number of advanced features that aid in the monitoring and management of IT infrastructure.

Optanix Device Discovery Manager

Automates the discovery and interrogation of devices using available interfaces and collects key asset information to build a highly granular model of the environment.

Smart Analytics

Tracks real-time performance changes with far greater granularity and predictability than traditional “threshold” based approaches.

State Machine Automation

Pinpoints the root cause of issues and suppresses symptoms originating from downstream dependencies.

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