Built for MSPs, by an MSP

Increase recurring revenue by assuring customers’ critical business services and adding value to their organizations via managed services solutions built for MSPs, by an MSP.

As an experienced managed service provider (MSP), Optanix knows that assuring business services for customers is essential, but that being a “your mess for less” solution is not the way to win in this industry. MSPs can excel by partnering with Optanix to move beyond delivering basic “keeping the lights on” support to providing customers with true value via automation, innovation, security, and a range of other benefits.

Through the Optanix Partner Program, managed service providers can leverage both Optanix’s people and platform – along with its purpose-built MSP-oriented features – to increase recurring revenue by optimizing existing offerings or entering adjacent markets. 

Plus, when you partner with Optanix, you partner with a company that understands the MSP ethos, because we live it every day.

Improve Service Delivery via Automated MSP Software

Companies who wish to remain competitive in today’s managed services market must embrace automation to improve the quality and price competitiveness of their service delivery. Unfortunately, developing effective, advanced IT management automation is both expensive and difficult, requiring the work of skillful engineers.

MSPs can take an expedited and economical route to improve their automation capabilities by leveraging the off-the-shelf automation features and functionality ingrained in Optanix’s managed service provider platform. The platform’s readymade automation capabilities streamline workflows and create operational efficiencies that enable MSPs to increase the effectiveness and scale of their operations.

MSP Software Lets You Differentiate with Innovative Offerings

Managed services customers often feel that they are paying a lot of money to a vendor that is just “keeping the lights on.” The chances of an MSP capitalizing on any upsell or cross-sell opportunities within an account that has reached this status are low – as are the odds of that MSP renewing that customer’s contract.

MSPs can keep CSAT and customer retention rates high while also increasing the likelihood of expanding their service within existing accounts by partnering with Optanix to continually introduce customers to innovative new offerings.

  • The Optanix Platform is routinely updated with new features based on advanced technology areas and emerging IT operations disciplines – such as AIOps, business service monitoring, machine learning, and predictive analytics – that create competitive differentiation for MSPs.
  • Additionally, the platform’s management capabilities are frequently expanded to cover various emerging technologies, such as SDx, while Optanix engineers are also trained in the proper management of those technologies.

Protect Customers with a Strong Security Stance

MSPs are not only responsible for the performance and availability of customers’ business services and IT infrastructure, but also for the security of any customer data and devices that they touch. They can instill confidence in customers and prospects that their security stance is strong by partnering with Optanix to take advantage of our proven platform and security practices.

  • The Optanix Platform is installed on the customer’s network, within their firewall, and configured to comply with their security policies – no sensitive data ever leaves the customer site or is mixed with that of other Optanix customers. 
  • Optanix’s SIML offering enables MSPs to deliver services to a multitude of customer environments from a centralized interface in a manner that is both secure and efficient. 
  • Optanix managed services are backed by the most stringent security credentials in the industry

Remediate Issues in Record Time – or Even Proactively Prevent Them

While ensuring network performance and availability for customers is table stakes for MSPs, that doesn’t in any way diminish its importance. Managed service providers can assure customers’ critical business services with the Optanix Platform, which enables IT operations teams to rapidly remediate issues or – ideally – to prevent them from occurring at all.

To improve the effectiveness of our managed service provider software, we created SIML, a cloud-based, multi-tenant MSP tool. SIML allows MSPs to centrally monitor and remediate distributed customer environments, thereby enabling them to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and improve staff efficiency.

MSPs can also assure their customers’ critical business services by teaming with the Optanix support center to provide those customers with Optanix Remote Management Services (RMS) via a co-management or fully outsourced model. Through Optanix RMS, our MSP software proactively detects, validates, and diagnoses incidents and immediately notifies the Optanix support center – giving Optanix engineers the detailed information they need to rapidly remediate issues.

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Optanix Partner Program Benefits

Building and operating a managed offering is not easy. Optanix knows that from firsthand experience, which is why we created the Optanix Partner Program: to aid and enable our partners through every step of their journey to deliver or resell Optanix services, from initial partner onboarding through the life of their end-client engagements. 

Through this program, MSPs can partner with people who understand their world while leveraging Optanix’s patented platform and robust managed service offering.

The Optanix Partner Program offers managed service providers a range of business benefits:

  • Retain your own branding and reputation in the market with 
  •  label MSP service solutions
  • Employ the only service assurance platform built by an MSP for use by other MSPs to view, monitor, and resolve issues across all customers in a secure and multi-tenanted fashion
  • Leverage flexible engagement models that enable you to quickly enter new managed services markets with no barriers to entry by augmenting your staff with Optanix engineers, then take support activities in-house with our platform when ready
  • Work alongside another MSP with deep experience in the managed services business

See what our partner program can do for you.

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After Optanix demonstrated great value during an initial engagement, a national retailer expanded our monitoring and managed services to cover all of their brands.