Maintain Smooth Operations by Assuring Vital Business Services

Not all business services are of equal importance to modern organizations. Those with the greatest effect on vital areas like employee productivity and customer experience are viewed as more critical than those with lesser impact on the business, and rightfully so – when they’re not up and running, it hurts the bottom line.

OTPX’s Business Impact Monitoring (BIM) feature enables you to prioritize issues based on their impact to your business by mapping underlying infrastructure, systems and applications to business functions. This allows IT ops teams to focus on fixing the most impactful issues first and to communicate to business leaders and users in terms they understand.

Ensure Service Availability with Business Impacting Monitoring

BIM delivers real-time situational awareness of business services, enabling IT teams to prioritize and address issues quickly. This limits impact to critical business functions and ensures they continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

BIM works by mapping business services to the underlying IT services and components that support them. The mapping includes the complex relationships between all of the elements in the IT infrastructure to identify exactly how each element impacts the overall service.

OPTX leverages this knowledge to prioritize proactive and predictive alerts based on the criticality of the affected business functions. These alerts give IT teams the information that they need to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensure businesses can operate at full capacity.

How Business Impact Monitoring Helps IT Ops Teams

Automated Service Dependency Mapping

Understand business impact when outages and degradations occur, or when planning maintenance windows, by automatically mapping IT services and components to important business services, such as contact centers and unified communications.

Service Performance and Availability Analysis

Prioritize IT performance problems and outages based on true business impact versus guessing which IT assets are most important to ensuring smooth business operation.

Real-Time and Historical Service Status

Set SLAs based on real business metrics – such as credit card processing infrastructure availability – instead of on individual IT component availability by leveraging dashboards and reports that show business performance from an IT perspective.

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