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Tame the growing tidal wave of IT events to enable unbeatable service availability that leads to positive business outcomes.

Transforming IT Operations

In today’s hyperconnected world, 85% of customer interactions rely exclusively upon IT – so what happens when one of your critical IT services goes down? Here's a hint: your customers won’t wait around until it's fixed.

But here’s the problem: your IT team is drowning in a tidal wave of unqualified events. And when a service issue occurs, triaging and correlating these events is a nightmare - too much confusing noise, too much work, and not enough time.

That keeps your support team stuck in reactive mode. Instead of proactively detecting and resolving service issues, they only learn of them when your customers and employees complain - when it's already too late.

With Optanix you instantly cut through this noise, automatically pinpointing the root cause of service issues. We're powering the shift to proactive support and service predictability - making lengthy service disruptions and uncertainty a thing of the past.

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Silence Event Noise

The Optanix Platform pinpoints the actionable root cause and business impact of service issues, using patented automation and correlation processes to reduce event noise by a factor of more than 1,000,000 to 1.

By dramatically lowering event volumes, Optanix eliminates the tidal wave of events that support teams typically have to triage. It’s like having dozens of support engineers in a box.

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Resolve Issues Before They Affect End Users

Using more than 2,000,000 built-in event rules, the Optanix Platform eliminates 83% of false positive incidents generated by traditional event management tools.

And by automatically routing only true root cause incidents to the appropriate support team in just a matter of seconds, the platform reduces incident remediation times by 50% and helps support teams respond proactively 95% of the time – no more reacting to issues reported by customers and employees.

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Stop Tool Sprawl in its Tracks

The Optanix Platform is the only comprehensive, integrated solution designed to handle all aspects of managing IT environments:

  • Comprehensive network monitoring
  • Intelligent event correlation and root cause analysis
  • Incident management and remediation
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Business Intelligence
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Leverage the Experts

At Optanix, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. That’s why we use the Optanix Platform to power our own managed services offering.

Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) combines the strength of the Optanix Platform with the experience and expertise of our in-house engineers ensuring round-the-clock availability of your critical IT services and service delivery infrastructure.

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I continue to be impressed in the way that Optanix jumps on challenges and quickly brings them to resolution.

Robert Ross, CTO, GFI Capital Resources Group

The Patented Optanix Process

  1. 1. IT infrastructure issue impairs business service and creates tidal wave of events
    Optanix’s Ingestion Engine reduces cost and complexity by replacing multiple IT infrastructure monitoring tools with a unified, massively parallel monitoring solution that scales to hundreds of thousands of IT components. The engine supports an extensive range of IT technologies and monitoring methods – including SNMP traps and polling, ICMP, TCP and UDP bulk polling, syslog messages, synthetic transactions, Netflow, log parsing, emails, and endpoint-specific APIs.
  2. 2. Snapshot processor isolates meaningful events
    The Snapshot Processor then filters out transient event noise by looking for stable event signals. This delivers a stream of meaningful events, dramatically reducing false alerts – so you spend your time fixing real issues rather than chasing ghosts.
  3. 3. Correlation engine pinpoints which events are cause of impairment and suppresses symptoms
    The Correlation Engine then determines which events are a direct result of service issues and which are secondary symptoms. It does this by understanding how your IT services work – the underlying applications and infrastructure, how these are connected, and how symptoms propagate across your IT environment.
  4. 4. Decision engine identifies just ONE actionable root cause incident
    The Decision Engine then takes these correlated events and automatically pinpoints the root cause the service issue – working through different scenarios until it identifies the exact reason for the failure. This takes just seconds and is powered by Advanced Logic Profiles (ALPs), intelligent rulesets that provide automated diagnostics and troubleshooting for specific IT services and technologies.
  5. 5. Incident automatically routed to responsible support team for resolution
    This generates an actionable root cause incident. Optanix immediately notifies the right service desk staff of the incident – typically in 30 seconds or less – using its built-in incident management capabilities. It then manages the incident through the entire incident lifecycle, including tracking status, driving process workflows and automatically escalating incidents based on trigger conditions.
  6. 6. Issue proactively resolved before end users are affected
    Service desk staff proactively resolve the incident, using Optanix’s powerful visualization and orchestration capabilities to accelerate remediation. Staff typically restore service twice as quickly as they would with traditional ITIL event management software and IT infrastructure monitoring tools.

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