Automate the identification and resolution of your IT issues

It’s time to consider an advanced service assurance platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) technologies to maximize service availability and performance. Instead of bolting on an analytics engine or adding off-the-shelf machine-learning capabilities to an existing platform, Optanix has taken the time to develop our purpose-built next-gen platform from the ground up.


OPTX assures business services across the largest hybrid networks – supporting traditional network and systems infrastructures that are integrated with the software defined anything infrastructure of today, and bridging the gap as new technologies are deployed – in a standalone solution that seamlessly integrates a range of AIOps features.

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Optanix AIOps Features

Full-Stack Detection and Monitoring

Predictively and proactively detect,
analyze and notify IT operations of
problems before they impact critical
business services and cause more
wide-reaching issues – with top-to-bottom management from the underlying infrastructure to the business applications it supports.

Predictive Analysis and Smart Analytics

Use artificial intelligence to establish dynamic baselines, then track deviations from these baselines and abnormal rates of change to make projections regarding potential issues and Mean Time to Threshold. This allows IT managers to take steps to avert outages and performance degradations before critical business services are impacted.

Topology-Based, Actionable Root Cause Analysis

Use multi-perspective analysis to detect problems, find why they occurred and reduce false alarms. OPTX’s root cause analysis workflow is optimized through its use of automation to analyze problems more deeply, take corrective actions and retest prior to creating a ticket. This increases accuracy and efficiency while reducing MTTR.

Business Service Prioritization

Enable your IT team to prioritize
and address issues quickly based
on critical business impact. It
works by mapping IT systems
and infrastructure to the business
services they support then analyzing
impact when problems occur or are
predicted. Service performance and
availability are analyzed in both
real-time and historical statuses
and are presented in dashboards
and reports.

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“The Optanix platform works on a predictable service delivery model, using integrated full-state correlation, event management processes and analytics to identify high-impact (i.e., top-priority) event information and to address it proactively.”