New Optanix Service Assurance Capabilities for Cisco UC and UCC Solutions Drive Positive Business Outcomes

With the recent release of Optanix Platform version 6.0, Optanix has delivered new capabilities for Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCC) solutions. These new capabilities deliver unparalleled performance and availability for real-time communication deployments, thereby helping companies to achieve positive business outcomes.

A Purpose-Built UC and UCC Monitoring Platform

Collaboration and call center systems such as Cisco UC and UCC solutions are two of the primary technologies that provide real-time communication capabilities. There are many reliable point tools that cater to the management needs of UC and UCC deployment models. 

While these tools provide depth of insight, they often are not integrated with the other point and IT management tools an IT organization may utilize. As a result, point tools may be able to detect abnormalities with UC and UCC deployments but they cannot provide the overall context required to rapidly get to the root cause of UC and UCC problems stemming from elsewhere in a company’s IT infrastructure.

Optanix overcomes this issue by integrating UC and UCC solution-specific functionality with core Optanix Platform functionality, such as fault and performance monitoring, predictive analytics, true root cause analysis and business impact monitoring. This integrated approach provides users with complete visibility into every component of the UC and UCC solution stack from a single platform.

Among the UC and UCC solution-specific functionality that has been added to the Optanix Platform with the release of version 6.0 is the following:

  • Expanded support for the latest versions of Cisco UC and UCC solutions (version 12.x)
  • Auto discovery of major UC and UCC application features, such as Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP), Cisco Finesse, Cisco Unity and Cisco Unified SIP Proxy (CUSP), among others
  • New UC cluster dashboards and a new Unified Contact Center Enterprise Serviceability Portal with real-time command views of A/B side routing and peripheral gateway control 
  • An enhanced graphical ICM script differential analysis tool to easily visualize contact center routing and changes to ICM route programming

The Benefit to You: Actionable Intelligence

The ability to gather data and analyze across the infrastructure translates into actionable intelligence that speeds up problem detection and analysis. But this unified perspective provides the basis to go well beyond superior root cause detection. 

The Optanix Platform’s full-stack visibility and integrations enable higher-order value propositions that are otherwise unattainable, such as:

Optanix Platform version 6.0 also provides usability features that include the provision for a secure cloud-based access layer, a scalable architecture model that rapidly adjusts to changing business needs, and customizable automation capabilities.

When it comes to making the most of your UC and UCC deployments, the Optanix Platform provides the most value in terms of delivering insights into your entire infrastructure ecosystem. In addition, it brings about efficiencies in optimizing resources and operations while providing a level of predictability to maintain service assurance.

Success stories


“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”