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Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) is a contact center solution designed for medium to large enterprise customers that delivers a full range of call routing and management features over an IP infrastructure. UCCE environments are comprised of multi-layer, distributed applications with multiple service components, thereby making them inherently complex and difficult to manage.

Optanix helps you achieve unprecedented availability and performance for your UCCE environment by enabling you to:

  • Identify causation – not just correlation – for issues in UCCE environments, thereby reducing time to notification and resolution, thanks to the Optanix Platform’s understanding of the logical grouping of UCCE technologies and ability to monitor the full UCCE stack
  • Enable your engineers to review ICM script routing logic with ease so that they can ensure compliance of logic embedded in scripts, perform statistical review and analysis to optimize scripting logic and results and maintain consistent routing logic across large-scale deployments
  • Gain insight into the operational state of UCCE environments via relevant reports and dashboards to help support staff identify trends and reduce ‘noise’ in the environment
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of the expert engineers in our support center who hold hundreds of Cisco certifications, including many advanced certifications in Contact Center
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Why Optanix for UCCE
monitoring and management?

Optanix RMS has over 60 Cisco Contact Center customers under management

Optanix is a Master Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Partner and holds a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorization

of L2 and L3 engineers in the Optanix support center are Cisco certified

The Optanix Platform was purpose built to monitor and manage UCCE by Cisco experts, including several CCIEs

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