Key Ways that Managed Network Services Providers Improve Your Business Outcomes

Business outcomes are key, high-value objectives tied to your enterprise’s strategic objectives. Examples include increasing profitability of existing services, creating new revenue streams, and simply improving customer satisfaction.

Business outcomes are a result of the initiatives your organization undertakes to meet the goals fundamental to your overall vision as an enterprise.  Successful business outcomes are driven by initiatives that need to be effective, in order to meet goals, and efficient, in order to do so as economically as possible.

When it comes to the kind of value your enterprise delivers, whether it’s in terms of services or products, anything that slows down these initiatives directly impacts the business outcomes.

Managed Network Services

No matter the nature of your business, any initiative you undertake has a reliance on the network infrastructure that delivers the services your operations depend upon.

Whether it’s your employees accessing tools and systems, or your end users interacting with you, the network infrastructure that supports connectivity is the bedrock upon which all service delivery rests.

Managed network service (MNS) providers are globally capable vendors that specialize in the day-to-day operation and management of network infrastructure. Their core capabilities include providing network operations center (NOC) services as well as the tooling, processes and staffing to monitor and manage the lifecycle of the network infrastructure.

Upfront and On-Going Cost Benefits

By outsourcing the management of the network to MNS providers, enterprises typically realize significant CAPEX and OPEX benefits.

To start with, they no longer have to hire, train and retain the personnel specific to running the network. IT resources are traditionally hard to find, and building a team is a non-trivial exercise, especially for small to mid-sized organizations.

Since the management of the network is handled by your MNS provider, the enterprise no longer has to invest upfront expenses associated to secure the tooling for the monitoring and management systems and setting up a dedicated NOC.  In addition, the burden of upgrading and maintaining these capabilities also now rests with the MNS provider. The goal of the best MNS providers is to reduce the overall cost associated with managing your network infrastructure.

While the overall benefits of the managed services model are well known, let’s take look at one of the most compelling ways in which MNS providers can drive successful business outcomes: supporting initiatives with innovation and new technology.

Your MNS Provider Is Positioned to Keep Pace

The network infrastructure and the services it supports, form the basis on which business operations are conducted. The success of the business is directly correlated to the consistent availability and performance of the infrastructure.

However, innovation is constant and needs to be incorporated on an ongoing basis. And, as new technologies become available, there arises the need to leverage them to improve existing capabilities and deliver new services.

MNS providers are perfectly positioned to enable enterprises to keep pace with new technologies and changing business needs. They have the staff and the expertise to facilitate the design and planning of the network infrastructure. They help make strategic decisions on exactly how to leverage technology to support innovation and business initiatives.

Next comes the challenges associated with incorporating the new technologies. The key here is to do this in a manner that accelerates time-to-value.

MNS providers typically work with multiple clients. This gives them broad experience in the issues associated with the deployment of systems. This experience can be brought to bear to avoid the delays typically associated with the roll-out of new services.

The faster the deployment, the faster the value recognition – and the more successful the initiatives that will eventually drive positive business outcomes.

Success stories


“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”