This Financial Service Provider Downsized Their IT Team – and Upsized Their Results

In the IT services world, nothing is ever easy.

A leading payment processing company faced a challenge. The company spun out an integrated business unit to form a new company. This resulted in the urgent need to implement and scale independent IT services to support a new global network.

Overnight, they went from having a large support staff to being dependent on a smaller crew and a standalone IT infrastructure. To add to their woes, the infrastructure consisted of equipment from multiple vendors, managed by an assortment of inherited monitoring tools.

With thousands of employees providing services in more than 20 countries around the world, the company relied heavily on its global IT infrastructure.

Any interruption of services during the transition or the inability to support the infrastructure would be catastrophic.

When You Have One Chance to Get it Right, Go With the Vendor With a Proven Track Record

With such high stakes, the company evaluated its options and chose Optanix to manage its global IT network.

Optanix’s managed services are based on the strength of the Optanix Platform, combined with the experience and expertise of in-house engineers. Optanix committed to an aggressive service activation date and worked closely with the company to make sure the transition was a success.

The onboarding process was completed rapidly. In addition to comprehensive Cisco device coverage and support for Aruba, Arista and Juniper equipment, additional device support was provided.

Optanix also customized its support processes to further align with the company’s operational needs. The ability to tailor the engagement model to the needs of the company reduced the learning curve of the company’s IT personnel.

With Change Comes Opportunity

The Optanix Platform is designed from the ground up as a comprehensive, integrated and extensible framework. This provided the opportunity to stop tool sprawl in its tracks.

The company’s assortment of disparate IT tools was effectively replaced by a single cohesive tool set provided by the Optanix Platform, resulting in operational efficiencies as well as reduced cost.

Some Say They Can Do it, and Some Just Do it

At go-live, the Optanix Platform managed nearly 600 devices across 27 company locations. Those numbers rapidly expanded to more than 1,100 devices in 59 locations – proof of the success of the service engagement.

Looking back, the company’s IT team attributed the success of the project to:

  • Accelerated service activation and onboarding
  • Comprehensive multi-vendor monitoring and management abilities
  • Extensibility to cover new devices and technologies
  • The tailored service engagement model

The results included:

  • Improved visibility of network operations across all locations globally
  • Fast and proactive response to incidents
  • And a smooth and timely transition of the company’s infrastructure

Download the “Leading Payment Service Provider Chooses Optanix to Manage Global Network” case study from Optanix for the full story.

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”