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As a service provider, you want to retain your existing customers and grow new revenue streams. But, doing that is tough when you’re stuck with legacy management tools and skills shortages. Your customers want more – but you’re struggling to deliver what you already offer. The opportunity is there, but how do you seize it?

Optanix turbocharges your managed services and cloud-based solutions. Our IT managed services provider platform dramatically increases the quality of the services you deliver, opens up new revenue streams and drives down your service delivery costs. It’s a win-win-win, whether you use the Optanix Platform or white label our IT management services.

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Our intelligent MSP software pinpoints the root cause of service issues in just seconds and cuts remediation times in half.

That means that you can:

  • Upsell your existing customers
    by offering enhanced SLAs.
  • Increase client retention
    with unbeatable service quality.
  • Penetrate new accounts
    with a cost-effective SaaS platform.

And, with our value-added services, you can solidify your customers’ service infrastructure, create new revenue streams and grow customer relationships.

By white labeling our services, you can:

  • Sell expanded coverage
    with a 24x7 NOC staffed by onshore IT technology and ITIL experts.
  • Create client lock-in
    with sticky services such as problem and change management.
  • Command premiums
    with Optanix’s continuous service improvement guarantees.

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