How Can You Turn Your IT Team Into Superstars? Give Them Responsibility for the Most Important Task: Problem Remediation.

When things go wrong in your IT infrastructure, we all know that speed is of the essence.

Your organization needs to be capable enough to proactively fix issues before the business is impacted – or in the best case, before anyone even notices.

That means that once you’ve identified the problem, you need to be able to rapidly get to the remediation steps that are required. When it comes to fighting fires under pressure, you don’t want to spend a lot of time going through playbooks and best practices websites.

For better or worse, many organizations are dependent on “tribal” knowledge – tips, tricks and insights closely held by a few key employees that are responsible for determining remediation steps.

Your job is to capture these specific troubleshooting and remediation steps so that they can be shared and used across the organization. This will have the dual outcome of not only solving problems more efficiently, but also empowering your IT team and getting them noticed by upper management.

As we’ve seen in previous blog entries, the Optanix Platform provides a comprehensive and integrated approach towards providing a complete service availability management solution.

Now let’s take a look at how the Optanix Platform empowers your support teams and IT operations personnel specifically in the areas of:

  1. Problem remediation
  2. Proactive support
  3. ITIL compliance

The Optanix Platform has patented analysis capabilities that automatically determine why an event has occurred. The system intelligently troubleshoots problems and works its way through multiple failure scenarios until it determines the exact reason behind a service or infrastructure issue.

In addition, once root cause is determined, further automated workflows are used to identify appropriate remediation activities. Support staff can trigger these actions, or the platform can execute them automatically to provide zero-touch remediation if configured to do so.

This automates your time-consuming investigative work and helps determine root cause – driving down support costs and accelerating MTTR. The ability to provide remediation information to appropriate support personnel as well as the ability to directly fix issues ensures that remediation actions are performed consistently and accurately.

The net result is an orders of magnitude improvement in getting to the source of a problem. The platform rapidly activates remediation and ensures a proactive approach towards resolving service issues.

How exactly does the platform do all this?

The Optanix Platform’s automation capabilities are driven by Advanced Logic Profiles (ALPs). These profiles encapsulate intelligent rulesets and troubleshooting processes that provide best-practice methods for managing IT services and technologies. The platform comes with an extensive library of ALPs, based on the many years of combined expertise and experience of Optanix support staff and engineers.

Using these orchestration capabilities, your support teams can put in place processes to provide ITIL-compliant incident, problem and change management. (Yes, your management tools can work in concert to provide smooth and consistent workflows that also enable ITIL compliance.)

Now your support teams can dramatically increase their productivity, accountability, compliance and provide measurable service improvement in a consistent manner.

Speaking of service improvement, how amazing would it be if you could find a way to get better every day as an IT organization? We’ll talk about that in next week’s blog.

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”