A Day in the Life of an Optanix Employee

Grabbed my usual cup of coffee on the way into the office. Opened the doors to the building and thought – stairs or elevator? Walked up the stairs and into the office. Froze at the reception desk when I saw it for the first time:

A new sign!  My first thought was “How do I even pronounce this word?”  Op-ton-ics? Op-TA-Nix? OPT-TAH-NICKS? And what does the word even mean????  (BTW – the correct way to pronounce the company name is “Op-TAH-Nicks”).

Optanix = Operations + Autonomic

Well, it turns out that Optanix is a derivative of the words “Operations” and “Autonomic” (adjective, singular).  It’s also the new name of our IT Operations Management Platform. In case you didn’t know, the “Optanix Platform” helps our customers achieve maximum availability and performance targets for their business services.  Those business services are composed of applications and the supporting service-delivery infrastructure … from any of the vendors and technologies that we support (and we support more than a few!).

Autonomic is a biological term for automatic and unconscious nervous system activity (e.g., the ability to breathe when we are asleep … or our heart beat while writing blog posts) that has also been applied to computing to describe the self-managing characteristics of distributed computing resources, adapting to unpredictable changes while hiding intrinsic complexity to operators and users.

Whew – I know right?

Think of the Optanix Platform as the IT operations autonomic system – the patented automated technology that runs behind the scenes, crunching through millions of events to deliver the one true root cause of incidents – never sleeping (and never writing blog posts!).

Okay, so I understand what the name means, but what about “When Service Predictability Counts” – that’s an interesting tagline. So, I’m told the new tagline means that Optanix believes that the imperative for IT organizations is to run their applications on a predictable services delivery infrastructure. We define a predictable services delivery infrastructure as a systematic, automated approach to determining the root cause of every impacting problem that affects the business service. Our capabilities extend from data acquisition (monitoring) to full-state correlation, analytics/business intelligence and incident (case) management. While our functionality is broad, our customers achieve value using the Optanix platform because their business services are available and performing without significant or extended degradation.

Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Sure it is. Walking through the halls on a cold winter day, I can feel the energy in the air. There is always pride in heritage and, yet, I feel excitement for what is to come. Stay tuned for more about being an Optanix employee.

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”