Optanix is at the forefront of IT operations management technology. We invest heavily in research and development, with the goal of delivering ever-increasing value to our customers.

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Our advanced technology has been awarded eight US patents in numerous areas, including:

Decision engine techniques using parent/child relationships.
Virtual state machine techniques.
Root cause analysis verification techniques.
Network, systems 
and application representation techniques.
Trouble ticket creation and notification techniques.

Optanix’s patented, scalable approach to IT operations management delivers significant benefits. With Optanix, customers monitor, document, diagnose and resolve enterprise data center and network issues more quickly and accurately, ensuring high service availability and performance. Our patented hierarchical event correlation, intelligent state-driven event processing, root cause analysis verification and visualization techniques dramatically simplify and accelerate IT operations, increasing service quality and driving down costs.

Our full list of US patents includes US 7,028,228 (2006), US 7,069,480 (2006), US 7,197,561 (2007), US 7,296,194 (2007), US 7,509,540 (2009), US 7,600,160 (2009), US 7,971,106 (2011) and US 8,499,204 (2013).

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