Using Optanix to Cut Through the Noise

In today’s landscape of business technology solutions there is a high demand for digital business services that offer high levels of availability, reliability, security and responsiveness. And these demands are only set to increase.

According to Gartner, by 2020 customers will manage 85% of the relationships that they have with a business without ever interacting with a human. Thus, IT teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality business services, as well as to proactively identify, address and resolve any service issues – before they impact customers.

But as any IT director or operations manager knows, providing high-quality business services at optimal performance levels can be a challenge due to factors such as continually increasing network complexity, disconnected point tools, and manual processes. As such, many companies are reevaluating the way that they manage their IT infrastructure and are making a fundamental shift away from disjointed solutions to taking a much more comprehensive and connected approach.

For instance, companies have begun using advanced technology solutions such as Optanix’s patented platform to:

Close the Data Visibility Gap

Many businesses are now leveraging technology to efficiently and continually collect massive volumes of event data from any source (e.g., transactions, wire data, machine data, multimedia application data and more) across a wide array of technologies and devices. More importantly, they are using advanced technology to monitor and manage their entire IT infrastructure – including unified communications, contact centers, virtualized data centers and network assets – from a single, centralized location.

Take a Snapshot Approach

Companies are now taking a patented snapshot approach to continually audit any event stream across any device to capture the right data and monitor the performance of the current state.

Capture Meaningful Data for Root Cause Analysis

By employing advanced logic (a patented approach), companies are completely automating the process of sifting through volumes of event data to pinpoint and validate the root cause of business service issues. They’re also setting up specific thresholds and alert criteria, and mapping event trends and patterns. This allows them to immediately classify the severity of any issues and serve the right data up to the right person at the right time to resolve those issues.

Leverage Technology to Shift from Reactive to Proactive IT Management

Businesses everywhere are increasingly turning to IT management platforms that can continually monitor and manage their digital business services in real time. This enables organizations to proactively identify the root cause of issues as those issues are happening instead of reactively processing volumes of unqualified events on an ad hoc basis.

In short, by cutting out the noise and focusing only on the most important data, companies are not only able to maximize the availability, performance and security of their mission-critical IT service delivery infrastructure, they’re also able to significantly streamline IT processes. And when it comes to providing high-quality digital experiences, that can make all the difference between keeping customers and end-users happy, and losing them.

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”