Tame the Tidal Wave of Events at Cisco Live

The tidal wave of events in your IT service delivery environment keeps growing.

It’s not unusual for large organizations to receive hundreds of millions or even billions of events per day. Now that the Internet of Things is here, we have hyperscale computing where devices outnumber humans. Hybrid networks and VMs increase the complexity – along with your number of problems.

As you know, your customers won’t wait around for your IT service to catch up. According to Forrester Research, 88% of customers will abandon you after a bad digital experience. To manage the tidal wave, you need to transform your passive IT service delivery model into an active one – one that ensures successful, predictable service operations. But how can you get there?

A fundamental shift is required, as shown here:

Your organization needs to fundamentally shift from a passive IT service delivery model – where IT constantly reacts to the tidal wave of events with multiple tools that just manage symptoms – to an active service delivery model that delivers predictable infrastructure and a “known state.” A predictable IT service delivery platform lets you:

  • See the whole picture
  • Focus on what matters
  • Actively remediate real issues
  • Get better every day with continually improving operational infrastructure

Optanix has spent years developing the best method to tame the tidal wave of IT events. We provide an IT operations management platform that enables IT organizations to run their businesses on predictable service delivery infrastructures.

With Optanix’s patented technology, millions of raw IT events are captured and processed to generate a Clean Signal. The Clean Signal helps you transform from passive to active. It automatically pinpoints root cause and distills true business impact into one single event. It also activates remediation, with a proven 91% first-time fix rate. This enables not only more predictable service performance but higher availability.

As shown in the architecture model, the Clean Signal automatically pinpoints, verifies and validates the cause of the event and starts the ball rolling on active remediation. It finds the right information and gets it to the right person.

Optanix Platform Marketecture.png

The Optanix platform understands the state of the IT infrastructure, provides the ability to rapidly analyze issues and then to prioritize and execute appropriate root cause remediation measures. The essence of the Optanix approach is to reduce the tidal wave of events in today’s IT infrastructure to ensure prompt remediation that maintains your highest levels of performance.

There are additional returns as well. You will find that the advantages of predictable IT service delivery go beyond the infrastructure and create compounding benefits across your organization such as:

Optanix will showcase its predictable IT platform technology at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, June 25-29. Swing by Booth 1039 at Mandalay Bay to check out our Clean Signal demo and learn more about how you can obtain service predictability. To help you tame the tidal wave of events, you can enter to win a custom surfboard!

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