IT Managers Are Asking: Where Are the Case Management Applications that Don’t Choke In the Clutch?

When an IT service is disrupted or the network is down, you need to direct your team to quickly fix the problem. Speed is of the essence.

So why does it always seem that, in those tense moments, your infrastructure management applications are working against you? The last thing you need when you’re looking into a critical issue in the IT infrastructure is to be hobbled by:

  • Slow responses from bulky, resource-intensive monitoring applications
  • A variety of standalone, loosely connected tools that require you to sift through mountains of data to identify the problem

An emerging answer to simplifying crisis management is to integrate a case management tool into your IT infrastructure management solution.

According to Gartner, integrated case management tools are designed to support complex processes that require a combination of human tasks and electronic workflows. These solutions support the workflow, management collaboration, storage of images and content, decisioning, processing of electronic files or cases and some come with workflow/process templates to help implementation.

However, that’s just the beginning. If you are the person responsible for fixing the problem and administering the rest of the process, you not only need to integrate case management, but you need case management that understands your workflow and can kick off remediation activities and automations. That’s where the Optanix Platform is a clutch performer.

Why Integration is Key

At Optanix, we are way ahead of the game in that we have created the only comprehensive, integrated solution designed to handle all aspects of managing IT environments – case management included.

The Optanix Platform excels at delivering a “Clean Signal,” which clearly pinpoints the root cause of issues while providing information on the IT services affected, enabling you to kick-start remediation efforts. The Optanix case management module provides the ability to manage those issues through the entire remediation lifecycle, including ticket creation, resource assignment, status tracking and escalation. It also offers a range of other benefits:

  • The integrated nature of the Optanix Platform means case management functionality is incorporated directly into the platform, reducing the time it takes to get things done by providing a one-stop shop for you to get the information you need, when you need it.
  • Since it’s designed from scratch, it eliminates the bells and whistles associated with larger multi-purpose management systems. The focus is on streamlined simplicity, ease of use, flexibility and – most importantly – speed of execution.
  • It comes preconfigured with workflows to manage incident, problem and change management. In addition, custom workflows can easily be configured to satisfy unique business needs.
  • It offers a complete history of events including business impact, the assigned engineer, remediation activities that have already been undertaken – the entire lifecycle. This information also provides an excellent basis for post-mortem analysis, trending and data mining.

The Optanix Mobile App delivers 24×7 visibility to the status of environments monitored and managed with the Optanix Platform – including direct, always-on access to Optanix Platform case management. As shown in the screenshot, the mobile app provides IT managers with instant updates and the ability to drill down and dig deeper into any active cases. Additional functionality around visualization and notification capabilities of the Optanix Platform further enable your IT engineers to:

  • Know the state of the IT infrastructure
  • Focus on what matters
  • Activate remediation
  • Perform in the clutch!

 iPhone6Plus-CaseList-framed.pngThe Optanix Mobile App enables you to open, update, monitor and close cases from the Case List

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”