Digital Customer Experience Can Make or Break Your Company

How Well Are You Interacting with Your Customers Digitally?

To provide you with new ideas to solve your IT operations management challenges, we are introducing the Optanix YouTube channel! This channel will bring informative, entertaining videos about the best-in-class IT operations platform and related services provided via Optanix: the Optanix Platform designed for service predictability and Optanix IT-Management-as-a-Service solutions.

In our first video, “The Optanix Digital Experience” Robert Freeborn, Optanix’s Vice President of Managed Solutions, reviews typical business issues encountered by IT teams and how the Optanix Platform may be the right tool to deliver a seamless and consistently positive digital experience for all users.

What is the “Digital Experience”? It’s how customers and business partners interact with your company through your business services, website,  phone, email or any other “digital” medium. The most important piece to consider is, how WELL are they digitally interacting with your company.

According to industry research, 88% of customers that have a poor digital experience won’t contact you again. The availability and performance of your business services, both the applications and supporting service delivery infrastructure, is that important to achieving business objectives.

The digital experience also applies to an organization’s own employees. Consider the negative effects on employee productivity and satisfaction when the technology they rely on to interact with one another or to access company applications and resources fails them.

Optanix helps you better manage the availability and performance of your IT operations infrastructure and services business services, making the customer digital experience more predictable and reliable. Watch this video to learn more!

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“The Optanix single unified platform replaced multiple point tools, reducing the TCO.”