Updated March 20, 2020

COVID-19 continues to have far-reaching and quickly evolving impacts across the globe. Under these dynamic conditions, Optanix will continue the key practices of: 1) ensuring the safety of our employees, 2) assuring the integrity of our operational infrastructure, and 3) maintaining uninterrupted business operations for our partners and customers.

Health and Safety of Optanix Employees
The well-being of our employees is of critical concern to us at Optanix. To that end, we are taking the following steps to protect our employees:

    • 100% of Optanix employees are now required to work remotely and follow applicable steps in our business continuity and pandemic response policies (more on this below).
    • Optanix has suspended all non-essential travel.
    • We are providing ongoing employee guidance on personal health protection.
    • Optanix’s human resources department is regularly communicating any information regarding updated health benefits and/or new legislation applicable to the COVID-19 outbreak to employees.

Infrastructure Resiliency
Optanix’s product and service offerings are underpinned by a highly resilient and geographically diverse infrastructure:

    • A significant percentage of our Level 2 and Level 3 network operations center (NOC) resources operate remotely across four time zones spanning 24 states and Canada.
    • Our Syracuse-based NOC and remote sites are tested regularly and are prepared for disruptive events.
    • We have put in place significant additional network capabilities in terms of devices and connectivity bandwidth to accommodate the increased demands associated with a fully-remote staff.
    • We have deployed multiple secure communications channels between Optanix internal resources as well as between Optanix and end-customer infrastructures.
    • We always proactively monitor all critical business infrastructure and bandwidth utilization as a course of business.

Business Service Continuity
Optanix has a well-established and regularly updated business continuity plan in place. This plan is tested monthly. We also have an established pandemic response policy that implements additional measures specific to address widescale health-related disruptions. We are currently executing to both of these plans.

Included in these plans and policies are steps that we are taking to ensure the continued delivery of Optanix’s best-in-class service offerings with a fully remote team. Some of these steps include:

    • Providing secure, Optanix-owned laptops to all Remote Management Services, Managed Platform, and engineering staff.
    • Obtaining additional VPN capacity for all Optanix employees.
    • Actively testing applicable remote communications tools and endpoint hardware.
    • Actively using the same live collaboration and business process tools deployed at Optanix’s NOC.
    • Reviewing and deploying contingency plans for the transfer of duties from an employee in the event they fall ill.

We anticipate that these plans and policies will allow Optanix to continue operations with minimal or no impact to our client services.

Optanix will continue to monitor developments regarding the COVID-19 disease closely, and will provide regular updates to our customers and partners on a weekly basis. If further action becomes necessary, we will reach out to you at that time. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.