Root Cause Analysis Tools for Chief Information Officers Today, CIOs face unprecedented challenges. They are tasked with delivering functional excellence, and are also expected to be an equal partner in business growth. At the same time, they face an increasingly dynamic technology environment and ever-growing cost pressures. This creates a fundamental dilemma – how do CIOs drive innovation when their resources are consumed keeping the lights on? The answer is a root cause analysis tool that will transform your daily operations. Root cause analysis tool for CIO's
How Root Cause Analysis Tools Help You

Optanix lets you tackle this dilemma head-on. By proactively managing service health and automating key operational processes, the Optanix Platform radically improves service quality while significantly reducing ongoing support costs. It transforms your day-to-day IT operations, allowing you to deliver the service levels and business outcomes your company demands, while freeing resources to innovate and deliver strategic business value.

Predictable Service Delivery using Root Cause Analysis

Ensure Predictable Service Delivery

Enterprises depend on business services to engage customers, empower employees and make informed decisions. Service availability and performance are critical – otherwise, business grinds to a halt. However, IT organizations are still plagued by service issues. They spend their time fighting fires, desperately trying to turn a deluge of network events into clear and actionable information.

With the Optanix Platform, you can proactively manage service availability and performance using root cause analysis tools and problem analysis tools. Its industry-leading analysis engine pinpoints 95% of service issues before they affect your internal or external customers – delivering first-time fix rates of more than 90%. This results in dramatically better service availability and performance, reducing both the frequency and severity of service impairments. Replace Inefficient Systems for Root Cause Analysis Tools

Replace Inefficient Legacy Management Systems

Today, many IT organizations continue to use siloed operational management tools. Rather than having integrated visibility of their business services and underlying IT infrastructure, they struggle with disconnected point solutions that are inefficient and ineffective. As a result, it takes far too long to detect, diagnose and remediate service issues, and operational costs soar.

The Optanix Platform streamlines IT operations, providing a cohesive environment for managing your end-to-end IT services and infrastructure. It monitors a comprehensive set of IT applications and technologies, synthesizing this into an accurate view of service and infrastructure health using problem analysis tools. It then automates repetitive tasks and key IT processes, including automatically remediating service issues, and driving incident and change management workflows. Root cause analysis tool

Free Staff for Strategic Initiatives

The Optanix Platform provides multistage automation, resulting in dramatically lower support costs. Its combination of real-time problem analysis tools, automated remediation and built-in process workflows typically reduce support effort by 50%, freeing up IT staff for high-value strategic work. Rather than spending their time fighting fires, they can focus on creating business value, introducing new business services, leveraging new technologies and driving innovation. See what Optanix can do for you.