Managed Service Provider

    The Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service solution provides Cisco IT managed services for your service delivery infrastructure – making it predictable and responsive. As a managed services provider, we offer comprehensive monitoring, proactive 24x7x365 incident management and remediation, and reactive problem management for the full range of Cisco technologies, including unified communications, collaboration applications, enterprise networks and data centers. Additional services, such as proactive problem management and change management, are available to tailor our managed IT services to your specific needs. For complete end-to-end coverage, Optanix also provides IT managed services for other manufacturers’ systems residing within your network.

    IT Managed Services Provider

     At the core of our IT Management-as-a-Service is the Optanix Platform, which provides industry-leading root cause analysis and full-state correlation capabilities that instantaneously pinpoint the source of an issue so that our expert engineering team can resolve it quickly – oftentimes before your employees and business services are disrupted.

    Managed Services Provider


    Customers depend on Optanix to manage their Cisco collaboration platforms, including their vital contact center and unified communications business services. We’re the market leader of managed service providers – delivering best-in-class IT management as a service for Cisco® Unified Contact Center (UCC) customer collaboration, Cisco Unified Communications (UC), and Cisco TelePresence® and business video solutions. As the best managed service providers, we manage some of the largest Cisco collaboration environments in the world, setting the standard for service predictability in the most demanding organizations.

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    Cisco Unified Communications
    Cisco Unified Contact Centers

    Data Centers and Enterprise Networks

    As a managed service provider, Optanix delivers solutions for enterprise networks, with monitoring and incident management for a wide set of technologies and vendors – including Cisco, Juniper, F5, NetApp and many others. In addition, we provide support for data center technologies, including unified computing infrastructure, virtualization platforms and storage systems. Key to our industry-leading managed IT services responsiveness is the Optanix Platform, which correlates management information from multiple sources across the network – using OID polling, SNMP traps, ICMP, syslog, proprietary APIs and other methods – to provide a complete view of enterprise network availability and performance to both you and our support center. When the Optanix Platform and managed IT services identifies and validates an issue, it automatically engages our expert engineering team for immediate response and resolution.

    Managed Service Providers
    IT Management as a Service


    The Optanix Platform provides full support for synthetic transactions, letting you monitor the user experience for your mission-critical applications. It provides a number of synthetic transaction monitors out of the box, and can easily be extended to monitor virtually any application – including proprietary applications. For example, one large retailer uses Optanix to monitor their proprietary Point of Sales (POS) applications in over 3000 stores, testing availability and performance. Optanix combines this end-to-end synthetic transaction data with infrastructure monitoring information, giving the retailer instant visibility of actual and potential POS issues.
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