As a managed service provider, you face unique operational challenges. Your customers demand superior service quality and stringent security, while expecting you to meet their unique needs at a highly competitive price. You face an ongoing balancing act – how do you hold ongoing operational costs in check, while still exceeding your customers’ high expectations?

    Meet Exacting Service Level Objectives

    The Optanix Platform dramatically increases the quality of the services that you deliver to customers. It proactively identifies 95% of business service and infrastructure issues before they affect your customers, dramatically decreasing the frequency of service outages. It also accelerates issue resolution, pinpointing the root cause of issues in seconds and driving efficient, automated remediation.

    Drive Down Service Delivery Costs

    Because the Optanix Platform automates root cause analysis and incident management processes, it significantly lowers your support costs – increasing the profitability of your managed services. Typically, Optanix customers cut their support efforts in half, freeing expensive resources to take on proactive support activities.With Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service, you can also outsource management of your service delivery infrastructure, driving further cost efficiencies.

    Respond to Customers' Unique Needs

    The Optanix Platform offers unprecedented scalability, flexibility and security, growing as your business grows. It includes flexible process support and has a highly adaptable architecture, allowing you to integrate your managed services seamlessly into each customer's operational environment.

    Rapidly Roll out New Services

    The Optanix Platform supports a wide range of IT technologies, and can be easily extended to support new ones. It provides a complete, turnkey solution for managing service health, allowing you to accelerate time to market and differentiate your new managed service offerings.
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