Firefighter or Strategic Manager: What IT Role Do You Fulfill?

Discover the importance of proactive support – and how to achieve it.

Forrester Consulting, in a study commissioned by Optanix, conducted an online survey of 252 IT and communications infrastructure support professionals to discover how reactive or proactive they are in managing outages, and how they use monitoring, analytics and other techniques to keep systems, employees and customers humming.

The study explored how in today’s hyperconnected world, quality and availability of communications services are key influencers on customer and employee experience – and therefore overall business success.

This puts tremendous pressure on technology management organizations to shift from firefighting and problem chasing toward proactive and continuous management and analysis. Nevertheless, 46% of survey respondents characterized their organization’s management of their critical voice, video and data environment as reactive.

Download the study from Forrester Consulting now to discover:

    • More insights on industry issues and trends from the 252 IT decision-maker respondents
    • Four key recommendations for making the critical shift toward a healthier and more proactive IT environment

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