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The Optanix Platform is a complete and integrated turnkey solution for your IT operations needs. Its powerful features deliver proven benefits to the world’s most demanding organizations. With Optanix, customers experience major improvements in service availability and quality, while dramatically lowering their operational costs. Typical results include a 1,000,000 times reduction in event volumes, a 50% reduction in remediation times, and first-time fix rates of over 90%.

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Here are the key Optanix features that make these extraordinary results possible.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring Tools
Comprehensive Network Monitoring Tools

The Optanix Platform delivers a complete monitoring solution for your end-to-end infrastructure and IT services. Its patented approach gathers related events into snapshots of your network status and performance, creating a consistent time-correlated view that results in more accurate root cause analysis and dramatically fewer false alerts. Optanix supports a rich set of IT technologies, allowing you to replace multiple monitoring tools with a single, unified monitoring solution. Optanix can also acquire data from any source and integrates with many common IT monitoring solutions via an industry standard API, leveraging your existing investments in an entirely new way.

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Event Correlation and Monitoring Tools
Hierarchical Event Correlation
The network monitoring tools from Optanix understand how the applications and components in your data center and network are related to each other, and uses this to correlate events. Its powerful event correlation and application monitoring capabilities pinpoint which events are actually the source of service as well as infrastructure issues, and which are just symptoms propagating across your network. Application monitoring and hierarchical event correlation dramatically reduces event volumes, delivering actionable information while filtering out distracting noise.
Analysis of Root Cause
Automated Root Cause Analysis
Optanix has unmatched, patented analysis capabilities that automatically determine why an event has occurred. Rather than simply reporting raw events, the Optanix Platform intelligently troubleshoots them by collecting additional information and carrying out tests on your IT infrastructure. The automated logic works through different failure scenarios until it identifies the exact reason for the service or infrastructure issue. This drives down support costs and accelerates MTTR by automating time-consuming investigative work.
Advanced Logic Automation
Advanced Logic Profiles
Optanix’s automated analysis capabilities are powered by Advanced Logic Profiles – intelligent rulesets and troubleshooting processes that provide best-practice methods for managing specific types of IT services and technologies. Our  platform comes with an extensive library of ALP profiles, based on the many years of combined expertise and experience of Optanix support staff and engineers. Our library of ALP profiles continues to evolve, ensuring that the platform stays abreast of the latest applications and technologies.
System Monitoring and Automated Remediation
Automated Remediation
Once Optanix pinpoints the root cause of a service or infrastructure issue, it can resolve it for you automatically. Using its powerful orchestration capabilities, Optanix can perform a wide range of remedial actions, such as resetting servers, restarting applications and reconfiguring devices. Support staff can trigger these actions in response to issues, or Optanix can trigger them automatically as part of ALA profiles – providing zero-touch remediation of common infrastructure and service issues. This dramatically shortens MTTR times, avoids IT staff having to manually access IT devices, and ensures that remediation actions are performed consistently and accurately.
Monitoring Tools and Service Availability Management
Service Availability Management
Taken together, Optanix’s comprehensive network monitoring tools, analysis and automated remediation capabilities provide a complete service availability management solution. Optanix creates total visibility of your IT services and infrastructure, ensuring that applications and IT devices continue to operate predictably and reliably. By proactively identifying and resolving issues before there is a significant business impact, Optanix dramatically increases service availability, enhances the end user experience and drives down ongoing support costs.
Incident Management and Network Monitoring Software
ITIL Incident Management
The IT monitoring platform includes comprehensive ITIL-compliant incident management capabilities, backed by configurable process workflows, notifications and escalations, and extensive collaboration capabilities. Optanix can automatically open incidents based on validated events, or IT staff can open instances manually – providing a consistent way of managing all incidents, no matter what the source. With Optanix incident management, support teams dramatically increase their productivity, accountability and compliance, typically reducing Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) by 50%.
ITIL Change Management and IT Monitoring
ITIL Change Management
Optanix also provides ITIL-compliant change management, creating a structured environment for changes and dramatically lowering the risk of service impacts. Using its workflow engine, Optanix automatically routes change requests through the end-to-end change management process, including evaluation, approvals, implementation and verification. Throughout this process, it tracks the status of each change request, providing complete visibility for stakeholders as changes are implemented.
Applicatio Monitoring and Reports and Dashboards
Reports and Dashboards
The Optanix Platform comes with a wide range of role-based reports and dashboards, giving you complete visibility of operational and service-level history. Real-time displays give you immediate information about the status of your IT services and infrastructure, how issues are impacting your business processes, and what actions are in progress to resolve them. Optanix also includes detailed reports and information that support teams can utilize to investigate issues, take informed action and restore services. These reports, dashboards and other visual tools can be accessed securely from anywhere – keeping support teams in the loop 24×7.
Unified Management Database and Monitoring Tools
Unified Management Database
As it manages your IT services, infrastructure and support processes, Optanix builds and updates a unified management database containing comprehensive information about your data center and networkand their operational history. This information powers many of Optanix’s reports and dashboards, and allows you to identify trends that have the potential to disrupt your business in the future if not addressed. By analyzing this information, you can also continuously improve your IT service delivery infrastructure and management processes, enabling key capabilities such as problem management and IT vendor scorecarding.
Powerful IT Monitoring and Analytics
Powerful Analytics
Optanix includes powerful business and operational analytics tools that give you deep insights into your IT infrastructure and processes. Building on Optanix’s unified management database, these tools give you visibility into key metrics and performance indicators, and allow you to correlate information to extract valuable business and operational intelligence.
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