Create a Clean Signal

When you’re drowning in a tidal wave of events, the noise is deafening. With traditional IT network management software, serious issues are hidden behind a wall of meaningless alerts. How do you make sense out of the chaos, instantly identifying service issues and pinpointing their root cause? Optanix gives you the clean signal you need. Our patented technology cuts through the noise, automatically turning millions of events into a few actionable, root cause incidents. The result? You dramatically improve service availability and performance, while driving down your operational costs.

Unified, Intelligent Monitoring

Stop struggling with disconnected event and performance data from multiple IT infrastructure monitoring tools. With Optanix, you get a complete monitoring solution – giving you a unified view of your IT services and infrastructure. And, with its intelligent snapshot processing, Optanix filters out transient event noise – so you only see the events that matter. Optanix monitoring supports a broad range of IT technologies – and we’re constantly adding new and emerging technologies, keeping you ahead of the game.

Hierarchical Event Correlation

We can also execute simple remote changes – such as updating third-party software or modifying configuration settings. Simply submit a change request using the Optanix Platform, and we will execute it. You can track the change status using the Optanix Platform, and the platform can also send you automated notifications.

With Optanix, there’s no more blame game. Optanix understands how your IT services and infrastructure are connected, so it knows which IT component is really broken – and which ones are just experiencing downstream symptoms. There’s no more war room finger-pointing, unlike with legacy IT network management software.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Do you spend hours – or even days – hunting down the root cause of service outages? Unless you know the exact reason for a service or infrastructure issue, you can’t fix it – and make sure it stays fixed. And, while you’re investigating, your customers are complaining. Optanix takes the pain out of root cause analysis, giving you a single actionable root cause incident for each service issue. Our automated logic intelligently troubleshoots issues, collecting additional information and carrying out tests to pinpoint exactly why your service isn’t working.

Respond Proactively

Do you only find out about service issues when your customers tell you? In other words, when it’s already too late. Imagine if you could diagnose issues in seconds and fix them in minutes. With Optanix, you can. The Optanix Platform instantly pinpoints the root cause of outages and notifies your support team – so they respond before your customers are affected. And, Optanix gives you the tools you need to fix issues more quickly and accurately – preventing customer incidents and dramatically increasing customer satisfaction.

Advanced Logic Profiles

Optanix’s automated root cause analysis is powered by Advanced Logic Profiles (ALPs), intelligent diagnostic and troubleshooting processes. Each ALP captures our years of real-world experience managing specific IT services and technologies in hundreds of customer environments. The Optanix Platform comes with an extensive library of ALPs, and our dedicated Instrumentation & Integration team is constantly adding new ones – keeping you up to date with the latest technologies.

Powerful Orchestration

Optanix doesn’t just diagnose service issues – it helps you fix them more quickly and accurately. The Optanix Platform has powerful orchestration capabilities, accelerating your remediation processes. For example, you can configure Optanix to collect critical troubleshooting data – such as log files – and automatically attach this information to incidents. You can also automate remedial actions – such as resetting servers, restarting applications and reconfiguring devices – dramatically shortening service restoration times.

Consolidate Tools

Say goodbye to swivel chair management. Optanix’s monitoring, correlation, root cause analysis and remediation features work seamlessly together, giving you a unified service availability management platform. You get end-to-end visibility of your IT services and infrastructure, rather than a fragmented collection of IT network management software. That means that you work more efficiently, fix IT service issues more quickly and eliminate the cost of multiple tools.

The Optanix Platform is also a full ITIL service desk – giving you a completely integrated IT support environment that includes both IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Service Management (ITSM). And, by linking your people and processes with automated workflows, Optanix streamlines your support environment, making it efficient, consistent and reliable.

Incident Management

When an outage strikes, restoring service quickly is your top priority. That takes total visibility and seamless collaboration – tracking and managing incidents through the entire resolution process. With Optanix, you get comprehensive ITIL incident management, including process workflows, calendars, notifications and escalations – so you’re always in control. And with extensive collaboration tools, you’ll typically reduce restoration times by 50% while dramatically increasing productivity.

Change Management

Changes are one of the main reasons why IT services fail. With Optanix, you take charge of your changes, dramatically lowering service risk. Optanix automatically routes and tracks changes through your end-to-end change management processes, creating a structured, dependable ITIL change management environment. This includes evaluation, approvals, implementation and verification – giving you and your stakeholders complete visibility and control. The result? You experience far fewer change-related service outages – and fix them faster when they happen.


When you’re racing to resolve service and infrastructure issues, a picture is worth a thousand words. Optanix’s real-time, role-based dashboards instantly highlight service issues, show you how your business is affected and track your response status. With Optanix’s detailed reports, your support team now has the information they need to quickly investigate and fix service issues. And, with our mobile app, you can securely access our reports from anywhere, keeping you and your support team in the loop 24x7.

Unified Management Database

Are you stuck firefighting the same issues again and again? To deliver world-class IT services, you need to continuously improve your IT infrastructure and management processes. To do this, you need comprehensive information about your IT environment. As Optanix manages your IT services, infrastructure and support processes, it builds a complete operational history, giving you the data you need to get better every day.

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