Flexible and robust

Optanix provides solutions that assure the availability and performance of the world’s most complex IT environments. Whether you’re an IT provider that’s delivered managed services and solutions for decades, one that doesn’t currently have a managed offering, or an internal enterprise IT operations team, Optanix has a solution and a deployment model that will work for you.

We invite you to take a peek under our hood.

Optanix Platform

How do you want it delivered?

Optanix offers a spectrum of deployment models to meet the service assurance needs of all enterprises and IT providers.


PaaS is a self-service model in which you are responsible for managing your own instance of the Optanix Platform without assistance from Optanix.


Through the MPaaS model, Optanix manages the platform for you while your operations team leverages the platform to perform IT operations management.


With RMS, the Optanix support center delivers a fully managed service powered by the Optanix Platform in place of or alongside your IT operations team.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Optanix PaaS is a self-service model in which the customer is responsible for managing their own instance of the Optanix Platform without assistance from Optanix. PaaS provides a highly scalable network and system monitoring and management system for delivering operational intelligence to MSPs, SIs and self-maintaining enterprises.

Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS)

Optanix MPaaS is an operationalized SaaS offering that includes all software, hardware, upgrades, administration, maintenance and support. This deployment model provides partners and customers alike with fast time to value and eliminates the need for them to conduct platform management so they can instead focus on initiatives that are more important to their business.

Remote Management Services (RMS)

The Optanix RMS model provides monitoring and management of end-customer environments. It also includes service operation of end-customer equipment and applications. This allows for the service to be packaged as a white label offering by a partner, thereby enabling VARs, SIs and MSP organizations to wrap consultation and integration services around Optanix service operations to provide a complete ITIL solution to their clients.