The Optanix Platform is a turnkey SaaS solution, accelerating your time to value while dramatically lowering your upfront and ongoing costs.

This comprehensive subscription service includes:

  • The Optanix appliance, which we can install on your premises or in a virtualized cloud environment
  • Onboarding, including documenting your requirements, auditing your existing environment and configuring the Optanix Platform
  • Maintenance and support, including platform administration, software upgrades and ongoing support for new technologies

Comprehensive Onboarding

Our structured onboarding process ensures your Optanix Platform is deployed quickly and successfully – while minimizing the impact on your day-to-day operations. As part of this, we document your monitoring and management requirements, and work with you to optimize your operational processes. We then configure the Optanix Platform to monitor and manage your specific IT services and infrastructure. We also carry out an extensive audit of your current IT environment, identifying issues such as configuration problems, out-of-date systems and applications, and stability and performance enhancements.

Configurable and Extensible

Our ITOM software solutions fit seamlessly into your IT environment. You can use the Optanix Platform standalone, or it can easily be integrated with your existing tools using standard APIs. The platform is fully configurable and automated – so it supports your existing policies and process workflows. You can also modify its out-of-the-box event processing, including setting event thresholds, defining new event correlation rules and extending its root cause analysis logic.


The Optanix Platform is designed to meet the most stringent security requirements. That’s one reason why eight of the world’s largest financial institutions use Optanix. The platform is located securely behind your firewall – either in your physical or virtual data center. No sensitive data ever leaves your network – unlike with hosted ITOM software solutions. The Optanix Platform can be configured to support your existing security policies, and security updates and enhancements are included in your subscription.

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