How Optanix Works:
Our Platform Architecture & Patented Process

With the Optanix Platform, you respond proactively to IT infrastructure issues and fix them far more quickly. Our intelligent monitoring and ITIL event management software creates a clean signal, so that you instantly see the root cause of service issues before your users are affected. Here’s how.

  1. 1. IT infrastructure issue impairs business service and creates tidal wave of events
    Optanix’s Ingestion Engine reduces cost and complexity by replacing multiple IT infrastructure monitoring tools with a unified, massively parallel monitoring solution that scales to hundreds of thousands of IT components. The engine supports an extensive range of IT technologies and monitoring methods – including SNMP traps and polling, ICMP, TCP and UDP bulk polling, syslog messages, synthetic transactions, Netflow, log parsing, emails, and endpoint-specific APIs.
  2. 2. Snapshot processor isolates meaningful events
    The Snapshot Processor then filters out transient event noise by looking for stable event signals. This delivers a stream of meaningful events, dramatically reducing false alerts – so you spend your time fixing real issues rather than chasing ghosts.
  3. 3. Correlation engine pinpoints which events are cause of impairment and suppresses symptoms
    The Correlation Engine then determines which events are a direct result of service issues and which are secondary symptoms. It does this by understanding how your IT services work – the underlying applications and infrastructure, how these are connected, and how symptoms propagate across your IT environment.
  4. 4. Decision engine interprets root cause and performs automated diagnostics
    The Decision Engine then takes these correlated events and automatically pinpoints the root cause of the service issue – working through different scenarios until it identifies the exact reason for the failure. This takes just seconds and is powered by Advanced Logic Profiles (ALPs), intelligent rulesets that provide automated diagnostics and troubleshooting for specific IT services and technologies.
  5. 5. Single, actionable root cause incident automatically routed to responsible team for resolution
    This generates an actionable root cause incident. Optanix immediately notifies the right service desk staff of the incident – typically in 30 seconds or less – using its built-in incident management capabilities. It then manages the incident through the entire incident lifecycle, including tracking status, driving process workflows and automatically escalating incidents based on trigger conditions.
  6. 6. Issue proactively resolved before end users are affected
    Service desk staff proactively resolve the incident, using Optanix’s powerful visualization and orchestration capabilities to accelerate remediation. Staff typically restore service twice as quickly as they would with traditional ITIL event management software and IT infrastructure monitoring tools.

Beyond Event and Incident Management

The Optanix Platform Is a complete ITOM and ITSM solution, giving you an integrated, streamlined environment that reduces your costs and fast tracks your service delivery. In addition to monitoring, event management and incident management, Optanix also handles change management, problem management and service requests, as well as other high-value capabilities such as operational analytics and data warehousing.

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