Key Optanix Platform Features

Root Cause Analysis

Optanix’s RCA streamlines workflows, reducing false alarms. Allows you to resolve business issues quickly, maintaining smooth business operations.

Business Impact Monitoring

Real-time situational insight into business services, enabling IT to prioritize and address issues quickly, limiting impact to business processes.

Smart Analytics

Detects deviations and provides proactive, predictive alerts, allowing IT teams to address issues before they impact critical business services.

Service Infrastructure Management Layer

SIML reduces MTTR, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing NOC costs, by providing secure, multi-tenant remote access and streamlined workflows to distributed customers.


The Optanix Platform extends to SD-WAN and SDDC management to ensure businesses services scale. Whether the largest hybrid SDx or traditional deployments, our full-feature platform keeps business services performing at peak efficiency.

Technology-Specific Solutions (UC & UCCE)

Our platform delivers predictive and proactive advanced service assurance for UC and UCCE implementations by providing actionable intelligence for prioritizing and addressing incidents. Allowing businesses to dramatically improve the customer experience and reduce IT costs.

Here’s Where We’re Smart

Optanix offers a range of service assurance solutions based on the Optanix Platform. These solutions ensure the availability and performance of critical digital services and the IT infrastructure that supports them.

Success comes in many forms


The Optanix service’s “halo effect” led to the expansion of the service by identifying issues in the customer infrastructure that were not currently under management.


Are you struggling with disconnected event, performance and application data from multiple IT infrastructure management tools? With Optanix, you get a complete monitoring solution that features several innovative capabilities – giving you a unified, intelligent, and business-aligned view of your IT services and infrastructure.

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Contact Center

Your contact center operations are critically important to ensure customer satisfaction. To have a good experience, your customers need 100% availability of service and clear, constant communications. Your ability to respond rapidly and communicate effectively is directly tied to the performance of your contact center.

Contact center environments comprise multi-layer, distributed applications with multiple service components, thereby making them inherently complex and difficult to manage.

The Optanix Platform can help you manage the complexity of your Cisco Contact Center environment and maintain the high availability and superior performance your customers require.

Unified Communications

Collaboration represents the very essence of how your business runs – both internally as an organization and externally with your customers and partners. The benefits to your bottom line are undeniable. Collaboration makes it possible for you to be innovative, flexible, responsive, productive and profitable.

Collaboration solutions deliver integrated voice, video, mobility and presence services across endpoints, devices and applications. Environments comprised of so many varied and distributed technologies are technically complex and thereby difficult to manage.

The Optanix Platform can help you manage the complexity of your Cisco Collaboration ecosystem and the underlying infrastructure to improve business outcomes.

We invite you to take a peek under our hood.

Optanix Platform

IT Infrastructure

The performance and stability of your IT infrastructure has a direct correlation with successful business outcomes. You and your customers depend on the services provided by the underlying infrastructure. The uptime, upkeep and evolution of this IT infrastructure is key to supporting an effective business model.

With the advent of cloud, the Internet of Things, and new application architectures, IT infrastructures are rapidly becoming more distributed and more complex – driving new dependencies and service delivery risks.

The Optanix Platform can help you manage the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure.