We partner with world-class companies who leverage the Optanix Platform to deliver extraordinary benefits to their customers. Our vibrant partner community includes:

    Technology Partners

    Technology partners use Optanix technology to build innovative new solutions, or integrate with the Optanix Platform to create strong competitive differentiation. They are also global strategic partners, with significant market presence, strong brand recognition, and deep customer relationships. As a technology partner, you share our vision that predictable IT services and infrastructure are the firm foundation of your customers’ success. We work closely with you to ensure alignment with your business goals, helping you to unleash the synergies between your market-leading products and Optanix technology.

    Solution Partners

    Our solution partners are manufacturers, system integrators, managed service providers, solutions providers and business process outsourcers. As a solution partner, your customers need a comprehensive, reliable approach to IT operations management. You can deliver that as an Optanix solution partner by reselling our Optanix managed service offering, or by using the Optanix Platform to provide your services to your customers. You can also develop new revenue streams by creating technology-specific Advanced Logic Automation profiles and associated intellectual property that runs on the Optanix Platform.

    When you partner with Optanix, you will:

    Drive more business
    with differentiated solutions that feature market-leading technology.
    Deliver more value
    to your customers through dramatically better IT availability and performance.
    Monetize intellectual property
    by producing proprietary ALA profiles that run on the Optanix Platform.
    Increase your competitiveness
    by lowering ongoing IT operations management costs.
    Raise profit margins
    by freeing staff for higher-value managed services work.
    Build new recurring revenue streams
    by reselling our Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service, or by using the Optanix Platform to deliver IT Management-as-a-Service.

    Benefits of the Optanix Partner Program

    As an Optanix business partner, you will receive outstanding support from our marketing, sales and support organizations. Some of the key benefits of the Optanix partner program include:
    Extensive sales training, so that you have the insights you need to be successful from day one.
    Marketing funds and event support, so that you can drive pipeline.
    Priority access to technical resources.
    Technical training for your sales engineers.
    And much, much more!

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