The Optanix Partner Program

When we first set out to provide a managed service for our customers, our founders and earliest employees knew from direct experience that existing IT monitoring and management platforms were unsatisfactory, resulting in the need to cobble together multiple platforms to deliver effective support – so they decided to build their own. Leveraging their skills and experience, they developed a platform that streamlined our operations and improved the overall performance and availability of our customers’ critical IT infrastructure and services.

20 years later, Optanix is still the only MSP that uses its own monitoring and management platform – and the Optanix Platform is the only platform we use to manage all of our customers’ environments and process 60B+ events every year. The difference today is that those customers are now delivered via partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, IBM, Presidio and HighPoint.

We know from experience that building and operating a managed offering is not easy, which is why we created the Optanix Partner Program. Through this program, you partner with people who understand your world while leveraging our patented platform and robust managed service offering.

The result: you delight your customers and your business thrives.

Come Partner With Us

Offering Overview


What we provide.

Optanix is a provider of IT operations management software and managed services. We empower our partners to effectively manage complex enterprise and service provider environments.

Who we provide it to.

Our partners use the Optanix Platform to deliver managed services or manage hosted cloud offerings, they resell Optanix managed services, or they augment their managed services with ours to deliver a co-managed solution.

How we help them.

By providing IT operations organizations with only valid, actionable incidents, the Optanix Platform greatly reduces the time and effort – and thus the cost – they must expend to manage critical IT infrastructure and services.

Why Optanix?

  • We are an experienced MSP with nearly 20 years in the industry
  • 98% of our business is fulfilled through partnerships – we not only have partner tailored programs, we have built our business around yours
  • Our partners realize a significant improvement in productivity per head in a fully managed service environment
  • We have a team of experts solely focused on developing and deploying new and innovative services with our partners
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Unmatched Partner Experience

Optanix is driven to provide the best possible partner experience in the industry, that’s why we work side-by-side with our partners to drive our mutual success and offer them a comprehensive partner program:

Partner Enablement

  • Sales training
  • Sales engineering training
  • Operations training
  • Best practice sharing

Delivery & Operations

  • Transition management
  • Platform tuning
  • Runbook development
  • Escalation management process

Partner Management

  • Deal registration

Co-nurture Customers & Sell

  • Develop joint marketing plans
  • Build campaign strategies & messaging
  • Partner lead generation
  • Cost savings calculator
  • Marketing Assets


  • Roadmap
  • Platform upgrades
  • Platform maintenance


  • Partner QBRs
  • Executive sponsorship program
  • CSAT program
  • Joint account planning
  • Joint business plan

Pricing & Packaging

  • Generous discount options
  • Incentive programs

Partner Programs

  • Market development funds
  • Funded heads for co-selling


  • Design sales campaigns / programs
  • White labeled collateral
  • Co-creation process

Want to learn more?

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