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Leverage the power of the Optanix Platform any time and anywhere. The Optanix Mobile App lets you use our key platform applications on iOS and Android devices, giving you and your team access to the critical management data you need. Whether you’re supporting your own IT environment or using Optanix ITMaaS, our remote monitoring and management software delivers total visibility 24x7.

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  • Incident Dashboard
    see an intuitive graphical summary of incidents in your environment
  • Case List
    create, update, monitor and search incident cases
  • Notifications
    inform users about incidents and support activities in real time
  • Device List
    retrieve detailed information about each monitored device
  • Status Table
    see network status including root cause and dependency information
  • Voice Recognition and Text to Speech
    use our RMM software hands-free
  • Secure Access
    review and update your data over a secure VPN


  • Reduce MTTR and business impact by responding faster to service issues
  • Increase visibility of your IT environment and support activities
  • Provide on-the-go coverage outside of normal business hours
  • Deliver better results by promoting collaboration
  • Create a great “better than browser” user experience on mobile devices

Who Uses the Optanix Mobile App?

The Optanix Mobile App is designed for IT staff, administrators and managers that need remote monitoring and management software for mobile Optanix Platform access.

IT staff and admins use our RMM software to:

  • Get 24x7 visibility of IT network issues and corresponding resolution activities
  • Receive notifications when the Optanix Platform creates a new, validated incident
  • Quickly create, review, update and prioritize incident cases
  • Communicate with the Optanix Support Center and monitor its ITMaaS support activities

IT managers use our RMM software to:

  • See an overall summary of their IT environment status and support activities
  • Assess incident severity, identify impacted IT services and understand the root cause
  • Assign incident ownership, track down-time forecasts and handle escalations
  • Manage workgroup activities, including quickly delegating and prioritizing work

Get the Optanix Mobile App Today

The Optanix Mobile App is supported on Optanix Platform releases 5.4 and higher. Additional platform configuration is required before the app can be used.

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