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    The Optanix Mobile App allows users to leverage the power of the Optanix Platform while on the go.   The app brings the most commonly used platform applications to iOS and Android devices, providing users with on-the-go visibility and access to the critical management data they need.

    Use the Incident Dashboard to access a summary of incidents in the environment


    The Optanix Mobile App:

    • Provides a user experience that’s greatly improved over using a device’s browser
    • Enables more timely response and management of issues – thereby reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and business impact
    • Increases visibility to the status of environments supported by internal teams and Optanix ITMaaS, and the efforts that support teams are taking to maintain the network
    • Provides an easy means for personnel to maintain network visibility outside of normal business hours
    • Promotes organizational collaboration that drives better results
    • Consistently follows the workflow processes on the Optanix Platform

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    Platform Accessibility Easy and convenient anytime, anywhere platform access from your device
    Case List Enables cases to be opened, updated, monitored and searched
    Notifications Keeps users informed of incidents and support activities as they happen
    Incident Dashboard Provides a summary of current incidents in the environment
    Device List Provides details on each device being monitored
    Status Table Access network status including root cause summary and dependency summary information
    Voice Recognition and   Text to Speech Enables hands-free app usage
    Security The Mobile App works in conjunction with a VPN App to maintain a secure environment
    Access root cause summary and dependency summary information in the Status Table

    Application Usage


    The Optanix Mobile App provides IT personnel with access to the Optanix Platform whenever it’s more convenient to use their device.

    IT Staff and Administrators use the Mobile App to:

    • Gain visibility to issues in the network, and the efforts being taken to resolve them
    • Quickly prioritize workflow, along with the ability to open and update cases
    • Be notified of incidents that are identified and validated by the Optanix Platform
    • Communicate with Optanix Support Center personnel delivering ITMaaS services, and to monitor their support activities 

    IT Management use the Mobile App to:

    • Gain visibility to issues that may be impacting business services, including the root cause and services disrupted by dependency
    • Manage accountability for outages and responses, identify ownership, assess outage severity, obtain anticipated down times, and more
    • Monitor service responsiveness and manage workgroup efforts, including responses to escalations
    • Quickly access to summary level details
    • Manage workflow, including fast delegation and prioritization of work for the support team 

    The Optanix Mobile App is supported on Optanix Platform releases 5.4 and higher.  Platform configuration steps are required before the app can be used.

    The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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