Optanix’s comprehensive ITMaaS, including Incident Management and Remediation, Problem Management, and Continuous Service Improvement, leverages the power of the Optanix Platform, delivering superior service quality and dramatically enhanced operational efficiency. Our ITOM managed service team works closely with you to understand and align with your goals, operating as a virtual extension of your business. We can tailor a package to meet your exact needs, and offer flexible contracting terms ranging from complete outsourcing through to purchasing blocks of hours to augment existing staff.

Our North American-based support team are ITIL and ITOM experts, and have an unmatched customer satisfaction record – including receiving the coveted Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award every year since 2013. We offer industry-leading SLAs, including 99.99% platform availability, and resolving or downgrading 95% of widespread incidents within 4 hours – and our managed services and IT operations management are backed by some of the most stringent security credentials in the industry, including ISO 27001, SSAE-18 SOC 1 Type 2 and HIPAA.

Availability and Performance Monitoring

The Optanix Platform is installed in your data center – whether virtual or physicalproviding a comprehensive, agentless and secure monitoring solution for your IT applications and infrastructure. We will configure the platform to monitor your environment and automatically identify the root cause of service issues, alerting our engineers – and yours if desired – when incidents occur. This option includes appliances and ongoing maintenance, administration and upgrades for the Optanix Platform, plus access to a wide range of dashboards and reports.

Incident Management

We offer a complete and proactive 24x7 incident management and remediation service, staffed by engineers with training and experience on ITIL processes and your IT infrastructure technologies. When the Optanix Platform detects, validates and diagnoses an incident, it immediately notifies our support center – giving our team the detailed information they need to rapidly remediate the issue. We can tailor the incident management process to match your requirements and organizational policies, including engaging your onsite support staff, coordinating vendor support, and sending automated notifications to your team members. You can also open incidents manually directly from the Optanix Platform, or by calling our support center.

Problem Management

Our Problem Management Group helps keep incidents from reoccurring in your environment – making your IT service and infrastructure more stable, predictable and dependable. This dedicated team focuses on proactive problem prevention, and the identification and resolution of underlying causes. They analyze the rich set of historical operational data collected by the Optanix Platform, assessing factors such as performance trends, event types, frequency of incidents, and network vulnerabilities. They then correlate this information with other data sources – such as manufacturer known-issue databases and known systemic problems across our managed customer base – to effectively analyze and manage any chronic issues in your environment. The result is an actionable, proactive set of measures that dramatically increase the stability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Change Management

As part of our IT Management-as-a-Service, we can execute simple remote changes on your behalf – such as updating software versions or making configuration changes. Simply submit a request using the platform’s integrated change management application, and we will execute the change. You will have full visibility of the change request status – including automated notifications as the change progresses.

Continous Service Improvement

Optanix is revolutionizing the IT managed service market by applying the concept of Continuous Improvement to deliver improved and predictable business outcomes.

The industry has been hoodwinked into only relying on legacy, provider-focused metrics - including Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time to Notify - when considering IT availability. These legacy metrics have a limited relationship to business outcomes. Optanix fundamentally changes this paradigm.

Instead of just focusing on legacy metrics, we have also implemented customer-focused, business-oriented measurements such as:

Proactive Service
How often do we respond to issues before customers have to alert us?
First Time Solutions
First Time Fix
How often do we resolve an incident so that it doesn’t reappear?
Operational Stability
Operational Stability
Are we reducing the number of incidents every week, month and year?


Optanix knows that the most effective method to resolve incidents is to ensure that they don’t happen in the first place – which is why we identify 95% of issue before they affect customers.

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