IT Management-as-a-Service

Are you struggling to find internal IT operations staff or dissatisfied with your current managed services provider (MSP)? Optanix IT Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) is the answer. Whether you need to bridge skills gaps, strengthen off-hours support or want a comprehensive IT management outsourcing solution, ITMaaS offers flexible engagement models and contracting terms that fit you like a glove. Our team of more than 350 support and technology experts work as a virtual extension of your business, offering 24 x 7 coverage and industry-leading SLAs.

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Built for MSPs, by an MSP

Optanix is the only MSP that uses its own managed services platform – rather than a disconnected collection of monitoring tools, event management systems and incident management software from third-party software vendors. The Optanix Platform incorporates our 15+ years of experience as a leading MSP, and you reap the benefits. Using our platform, the Optanix Support Center responds proactively 95% of the time and delivers a 91% first-time fix rate. That’s why our customers trust us to manage more than 1,000 IT environments in 65 countries around the world.

Optanix ITMaaS Services

Availability and Performance Monitoring

This service leverages the power of the Optanix Platform, providing a comprehensive, agentless and secure monitoring solution for your IT services and infrastructure. We install the Optanix Platform in your physical or virtual data center and configure it to monitor your specific IT environment. The platform automatically diagnoses the root cause of service issues and alerts your engineers when incidents occur.

The service includes the Optanix appliance, platform maintenance and administration, and software upgrades. It also gives you access to a wide range of dashboards and reports.

Incident Management

This is a complete, 24x7 ITIL incident management and remediation service. The Optanix Platform monitors your IT environment and immediately sends an actionable root cause incident to our Support Center when it detects and validates an IT service or infrastructure issue. This incident includes the information our support staff need to rapidly remediate the issue. You can also raise incidents manually using the Optanix Platform or by calling our Support Center.

We can adapt our incident management software and processes to match your specific requirements and policies, including engaging your on-site staff, coordinating vendor support, and sending automated notifications to your service owners and business stakeholders.

Problem Management

This service helps prevent incidents from reoccurring in your environment – making your IT services and infrastructure more predictable and dependable. Our dedicated Problem Management Group analyzes historical operational data from the Optanix Platform, looking at performance trends, high-volume incidents, network vulnerabilities and other key data. They then correlate your operational data with other information sources, including manufacturer known-issue databases and problems we’ve found across our customer base.

The result? We make and implement ongoing recommendations that increase the stability and performance of your IT environment.

Change Management

We can also execute simple remote changes – such as updating third-party software or modifying configuration settings. Simply submit a change request using the Optanix Platform, and we will execute it. You can track the change status using the Optanix Platform, and the platform can also send you automated notifications.

Continuous Service Improvement

In today’s fast-moving digital world, standing still isn’t an option. Your business is always moving the goalposts – and you should expect your MSP to do the same. Unfortunately, most MSPs still focus solely on legacy metrics, such as Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time to Notify. These metrics aren’t tied to your business outcomes – making them of limited value.

Optanix is different. We’re revolutionizing the IT managed services market by driving continuous improvement using true customer-focused metrics. On top of legacy metrics, we also offer business-oriented measurements such as:



How often do we respond to issues before customers alert us?

First-Time Fix

How often do we resolve incidents without them reappearing?

Operational Stability

Are we reducing incident volumes over time?

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