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In today’s hyperconnected world, time is the new currency. You’re in a constant battle to win and retain customers, and success is measured in milliseconds. If your website or contact center grinds to a halt, your customers won’t wait – they’ll check out your competitors instead. It’s the same if you’re a managed service provider. Your customers want unmatched service quality – and if you don’t deliver, they’ll find someone who can.

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A Tidal Wave of Events

Keeping critical IT services running smoothly isn’t easy. Why? Because you’re drowning in millions of events. Whenever there’s an outage or performance issue, your applications and IT infrastructure unleash a flood of unqualified events, leaving you gasping for air. And, even when things are working normally, there’s still a huge wash of meaningless events from siloed monitoring tools – constant noise that makes it incredibly difficult to spot real problems.

What’s the Result?

You’re in reactive mode. Your customers see service issues before you do – and your business suffers. And, once you discover an issue, it takes days of war room finger-pointing before you identify the root cause. Meanwhile, your customers are heading for the exits, you’re losing money and your reputation is underwater.

Tame the Tidal Wave with Optanix

Tired of living with service disruptions and uncertainty? With the Optanix Platform, you run your business on a predictable IT service delivery infrastructure – cutting through the noise and instantly pinpointing the root cause of service issues. Instead of being reactive, now you’re proactive – identifying and fixing outages and performance issues before your customers are affected.

We Drink Our Own Champagne

At Optanix, we put our money where our mouth is. We’ve built our own managed services business on the Optanix Platform. Many of the world’s leading organizations depend on Optanix to manage their mission-critical IT services and infrastructure, including major financial institutions, global manufacturers, high-tech companies, government agencies, and media and entertainment giants.

We’re the only MSP that uses its own IT managed services software – and the Optanix Platform is the only platform we use. And, we build the feedback from more than 50 billion annual customer data points directly into our IT managed services software – giving you instant access to unmatched real-world intelligence. It’s like having dozens of IT support engineers in a box.

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