The Optanix Platform

The Optanix Platform is a complete and integrated turnkey solution for your IT operations needs. Its powerful features deliver proven benefits to the world’s most demanding organizations. With Optanix, customers experience major improvements in service availability and quality, while dramatically lowering their operational costs.
End-to-End Automation
The Optanix Platform transforms the way you manage your IT infrastructure and services, making them predictable and reliable. Its automated approach to service availability management delivers proactive insights, letting you quickly resolve potential service issues before they have a significant impact on your business. Optanix also delivers comprehensive process automation, streamlining your support processes and creating a complete, efficient and integrated ITIL operations environment.
The Optanix Platform incorporates the knowledge and experience of our industry-leading IT engineers and support staff. It includes thousands of pre-configured event processing rules and workflows that provide best practices for specific IT systems and technologies, allowing Optanix to automate event correlation and root cause analysis. This library of best practices is constantly kept up to date as new technologies emerge, and as Optanix continues to enhance its best practices for existing technologies.
Designed to Scale
The Optanix Platform monitors and manages some of the largest and most complex IT data centers and networks in the world. It scales to support hundreds of thousands of IT components, providing massively parallel collection, verification and root cause analysis of event data. It is designed to manage complex, multi-technology environments, providing a comprehensive end-to-end management solution for the most demanding enterprise and service provider requirements. Whether you have hundreds of support personnel – or just a small workgroup – Optanix delivers a unified, scalable solution for all of your operations management needs.
Optanix meets the stringent security requirements of the most sensitive IT environments. That’s one of the key reasons why eight of the largest financial institutions in the world use Optanix. Our platform is installed in your physical or virtual data center and located securely within your firewall. This means that unlike off-site or traditional cloud solutions, no sensitive data ever leaves your network. The Optanix Platform can be configured to comply with your existing security policies, and includes ongoing security updates and enhancements as part of our complete service solution.
Configurable and Extensible
Optanix is designed to fit seamlessly into your IT environment. It can be used as a standalone platform, or can be easily integrated with your existing service management applications and tools using standard APIs. The platform can be configured to match your existing policies, and includes a completely configurable workflow engine that automates your existing operational processes. Its event processing capability is also fully customizable, including configurable event thresholds, event correlation rules and root cause analysis logic.
Zero Maintenance
The Optanix Platform is a complete turnkey SaaS solution that includes software and maintenance. Offered as a subscription service, the Optanix Platform includes system administration, routine software enhancements, and ongoing support for new technologies – all managed by the Optanix team. This means that you can focus on managing your IT services and infrastructure, rather than wasting time maintaining your management platform.
High Availability
Optanix is engineered for reliability and high availability. That’s why some of the world’s largest service providers use Optanix. Optanix delivers the mission-critical performance that they need to manage their mission-critical IT infrastructure and services.
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