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Multiple Monitoring Tools...But Still Need a “War-Room” to Isolate Root Cause?

Many companies are saddled with multiple monitoring tools (some have reported more than 40), but are generally unable to obtain much business value from the monitored data. It’s not surprising that so many different monitoring tools have proliferated as it's natural for each domain function in a full-stack data center to bring in best-of-breed tools to monitor their specific domain. With multiple monitoring tools deployed, how do you correlate the disjointed data to find the actual root cause?

In this educational webinar, listen to Collin Firenze, Director of Product Management for Optanix, and Robert Waters, Product Marketing Specialist for Optanix, as they discuss strategies for decreasing the amount of time it takes to identify the root cause of an incident - thereby also reducing the need for war-room sessions in your IT organization.

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