Your business depends on your contact center. It’s how you generate revenues and deliver superior customer service. However, as a contact center business manager, you’re faced with constant questions and challenges. How do you deliver the best possible service while containing costs? Should you outsource your contact center systems and infrastructure to an external provider – or not? How do you use self-service and multichannel technology to scale your services? Can your corporate network handle traffic between distributed contact centers?
    It’s your job to deliver the answers. However, one thing is clear – availability and performance aren’t negotiable. No matter what choices you make, your contact center has to deliver a positive customer experience. Reliable call routing, short wait times and highly available self-service applications drive customer satisfaction and repeat business – which is why the world’s largest contact centers choose Optanix.

    Improve Contact Center Availability and Performance

    The Optanix Platform monitors your contact center applications, infrastructure and connecting networks – proactively detecting and diagnosing 95% of issues before your customers are affected. And, when customers are impacted, Optanix gives you real-time visibility – so you can take immediate action such as rerouting calls to unaffected contact centers.

    Drive Continuous Improvement

    As it monitors your contact centers, the Optanix Platform builds a complete management database that tracks the operation of your contact centers over time. This creates a comprehensive knowledgebase that you can use to evaluate system performance – identifying changes and upgrades needed to maintain and improve service. Optanix can also monitor outsourced contact center systems and infrastructure, so you can ensure that service providers deliver agreed upon service levels.

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Optanix optimizes the way you manage contact center availability and performance, typically cutting operations costs by 50%. By proactively identifying and diagnosing issues, it eliminates expensive fire drills – allowing you to address emerging problems during normal maintenance activities. The Optanix Platform also automates key operational processes – such as incident and change management – dramatically increasing operational efficiency and enhancing collaboration between contact center business and technical teams.
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