With approximately 200 contact centers under management, Optanix is the market leader for Cisco® Unified Contact Center (UCC) managed services. We manage some of the largest networked contact center environments in the world, providing support for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP), Cisco Finesse, and supporting systems and applications.

Optanix’s IT Management-as-a-Service for Cisco contact centers specializes in the support of complex and distributed multi-channel and self-service environments. Our customers rely on us to ensure that their contact centers and supporting networks deliver predictable performance and high availability so that they can provide reliable customer service and drive increased revenues. At the core of our managed service solution is the Optanix Platform. Its extensive monitoring capabilities are complemented by built-in intelligence that proactively identifies 95% of contact center technology issues. The Optanix Platform comes with Advanced Logic Automation that allows it to identify and diagnose the root cause of a comprehensive set of contact center failure scenarios, such as voice gateway outages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) failures. It also pinpoints the underlying reasons for failures in advanced services such as Courtesy Callbacks – for example, tracing these failures to failed servers or voice gateways.

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Incident Management

Optanix delivers a complete and proactive 24x7x365 incident management and remediation service, staffed by expert engineers with training and experience in Cisco contact center technology and ITIL processes. When the Optanix Platform detects, validates and diagnoses an incident within your contact center, it immediately notifies our support center – giving our team the detailed information they need to rapidly engage and remediate the issue. We can tailor the incident management process to match your requirements and organizational policies, including engaging your onsite support staff, coordinating vendor support, and sending automated notifications to your technical and business teams. You can also open incidents manually in the Optanix Platform or by calling our support center.

Problem Management

Our Problem Management team helps keep incidents from reoccurring in your environment – making your Cisco contact center and supporting infrastructure more stable, predictable and dependable. This dedicated team focuses on proactive problem prevention and the identification and resolution of underlying causes. They analyze the rich set of historical operational data collected from the Cisco contact center by the Optanix Platform, assessing factors such as performance trends, event types, frequency of incidents, and vulnerabilities. They then correlate this information with other data sources – such as Cisco known-issue databases and known systemic problems across our managed services customer base – to effectively analyze and manage any chronic issues in your environment. The result is an actionable, proactive set of measures that dramatically increase the stability and performance of your contact center.

Change Management

As part of our managed services solution, you can elect to have Optanix execute simple remote contact center changes on your behalf, such as updating software versions or making configuration changes. Just submit a request using the integrated change management application on the Optanix Platform and we’ll take care of it for you using defined change management procedures. You will have full visibility of the change request status, including automated notifications as the change progresses.
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