As a CFO, you care about your company’s financial stability and performance. Strong financial governance and risk management, cost containment, and organizational growth strategies are your key priorities. You view every investment through these lenses. That’s why the Optanix Platform should be at the top of your agenda – it delivers a range of compelling financial benefits, ranging from revenue protection through to significant OPEX and CAPEX savings.

    Avoid Revenue Disruptions

    Enterprises rely on IT services and infrastructure to drive sales and accelerate time to revenue. When one of these systems fails, it can have a catastrophic financial impact. For example, when a major retail site or airline reservation system goes down, losses can easily exceed a million dollars an hour. Similarly, issues with backend systems – such as ERP and supply chain platforms – can drastically delay customer deliveries, creating massive revenue slips. Underperforming systems also directly impact revenues – for example, long call center wait times and high call drop rates destroy revenue opportunities.

    Optanix dramatically reduces the frequency and severity of IT service outages and performance problems, detecting 95% of IT issues before they affect customers and impact revenues. When customer-affecting issues do occur, the Optanix Platform pinpoints the root cause in seconds, cutting repair times in half. The result? You avoid unanticipated disruptions to your revenue streams, creating more predictable financial performance.

    Reduce Operational Costs

    Optanix drives down IT operational costs through automation. Not only does it automatically identify the root cause of IT service issues, it also automates key IT processes and repetitive tasks. By combining IT intelligence with automated workflows, it offloads IT support staff – reducing their workload and increasing their efficiency. Optanix typically drives down IT support effort by 40% to 50%, which in many cases translates into OPEX savings of several million dollars a year – or more.

    Eliminate Capital Expenditures

    Optanix is delivered as a service, giving you all of the benefits of a SaaS subscription model. There are no upfront licenses to pay, and the subscription fee also includes appliances and full support for the Optanix Platform. This allows you to shift the entire cost of your IT Operations Management platform from CAPEX to OPEX, avoiding the need to acquire capital assets.
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