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Service Predictability. Delivered.

Make your business services reliable and responsive with Optanix, the leader in IT Service Predictability.

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Service Predictability. Delivered.

Make your business services reliable and responsive with Optanix, the leader in IT Service Predictability.

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Find out why the world’s leading financial institutions, service providers, and government agencies depend on Optanix’s turnkey SaaS solution.
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Why Optanix?

See the Whole Picture
You can’t fix what you can’t see. Optanix proactively monitors your entire IT environment 24x7.
Focus on What Matters
Don’t drown in a deluge of raw events. Instantly pinpoint the verified root cause with Optanix.
Accelerate Remediation
Every second counts. Resolve issues quickly and accurately, with a 90% first-time fix rate.
Get Better Every Day
Continuously improve your business services with 2 million built-in best practices.
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Automated Root Cause Analysis

The Optanix Platform automatically analyzes huge volumes of raw events, quickly identifying and validating the root cause of business service issues. Its millions of built-in event rules embed hundreds of years of real world IT support experience, getting you to the heart of the problem in seconds.
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End-to-End Process Automation

Optanix automates your IT operations processes, dramatically increasing productivity, accountability and compliance. It includes comprehensive ITIL incident and change management, backed by configurable workflows and extensive team collaboration capabilities.
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"Our business has evolved in recent years to meet the needs of our internal customers that demand a seamless, always-on digital experience. Only Optanix is agile and flexible enough to get the job done day in and day out and ensure we have a highly stable, always reliable solution in place. I continue to be impressed in the way that Optanix jumps on challenges and quickly brings them to resolution."
Robert Ross, Chief Technology Officer at GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc.

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